Grey Hair – How to Deal With Unwanted Gray Hair

What to do with the unwelcomed visitor that you can’t seem to turn away? If you ever had to face this predicament, then you are no doubt familiar with the issue of unwanted grey hair. In this article we discuss some of the strategies that are employed to deal with your unwanted greys.


Gray Hair

Everyone remembers discovering his or her first gray hair – not to mention the resulting internal debate that quickly follows:

“Should I pluck my grey hair out?”

“Is this something I can do to reverse my grey hair?”

“Should I start dying my Grey hair? Or should I embrace the salt-and-pepper look?”

Grey hair isn’t just a favorite of researchers across the world – it’s also been deeply embedded into our cultural understanding of how gray hair affects how we’re perceived. In a 2007 article exploring the ongoing struggle women often face between grey hair, aging and authenticity, Anne Kreamer of Time Magazine writes:

“Most baby-boomer women have held on to the hedonistic forever-young part of their Woodstock dreams a lot more tenaciously tan to the open-and-honest part…[They] may be CEOs, Cabinet officers and TV-news anchors…but only if they appear eternally youthful. And a main requirement is a hair color other than gray or white.”

No matter where you stand on the grey hair vs. dyed hair debate, it’s still an important issue we should openly discuss: how do we deal with our graying hair? And no matter which side you take, these tips on how to deal with graying hair can help everyone look at the silver lining and learn to (partially) accept a natural part of growing older:

  • First, it’s important to understand just why you’re going gray. While many popular grey hair myths blame everything from trauma to even overzealous hair plucking as major culprits that encourage graying hair, science has yet to prove a definitive connection between them all. What scientists do know is that gray hair isn’t all in your genes, though if you started greying at an early age it may well be.
  • If you only have a few gray hairs, feel free to pluck them. Contrary to popular belief, three or four new gray hairs won’t take its place!
  • Studies have shown that men who embrace the salt-and-pepper look in their professional lives are considered more experienced, trustworthy and to possess more leadership qualities. If you’re looking to move up the corporate ladder, it might be worthwhile to forgo the hair dye for a few more years.
  • A full head of silver hair can look very distinguished and elegant – however, most of the graying process happens in random patches. To cover up these patches while waiting for the rest of your silver tresses to grow in, color your hair with a semi-permanent gray hair dye but beware of the cancer risks. While many old wives tales assert that only permanent hair dye can be used to cover up grays, the semi-permanent dyes of today are more than capable of getting the job done.
  • If you’re prematurely going gray, schedule an appointment with your doctor. While very rare, premature gray hair can often signal the development of certain autoimmune and genetic disorders, such as Werner syndrome, vitiligo and pituitary or thyroid problems.
  • Of course if you are like many of our customers, we may be interested in reversing your grey hair in a natural way. Grey Defence® our dietary supplement would provide that solution.

No matter what your feelings on the issue, going gray is a natural part of the aging process and should be embraced along with our new found wisdom – not to mention our ability to land great senior citizen discounts.

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