So Your Grey Hair is Gone… Now What?


Success is a wonderful thing! As the saying goes: “Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan”. We are please to play a part in your success in reversing your grey and hope to be along for the ride as long as you’ll let us.


First congratulations are in order for all our customers who have been informing us of their success in achieving 100% reversals with Grey Defence®.

Many of you have also asked whether you can now stop using Grey Defence® since all your grey is gone. You also wanted to know if by stopping Grey Defence®, whether the grey will eventually return. This short post is to answer these questions and a little more.

Firstm it was our intention to produce a low dose Grey Defence® version for clients who have completed they grey reversal. After careful consideration we came to the conclusion that putting out a low dose version may be confusing to many new customers who may end up purchasing it thinking that it would be effective in reversal, not realizing it would only be of value for someone who has completed reversal first. Given that potential for confusion we have opted not to create a low dose version, but instead are outlining a “Maintenance Mode” program regime for those who are no longer grey.

First before discussing this “Maintenance Mode” regime let’s attend to the previous questions:

Q: Can I stop using Grey Defence® once my grey goes away?
A: Absolutely, you can stop using Grey Defence® anytime without any adverse reactions. Also, keep in mind that Grey Defence® is a powerful antioxidant dietary supplement containing vitamins, amino acids, essential minerals and enzymes that are important to the body. In short Grey Defence® is actually good for you, so adopting it as you daily multivitamin routine is actually a good and healthy move.

Q: Will my grey return once I stop using Grey Defence®?
A: Yes, your grey will eventually return, our estimate is that this will take anywhere from 2 years up to 5 years before the grey returns, however this is an estimate.

Grey Defence® Maintenance Mode
Grey Defence®Xtreme 2.0 is our most powerful grey hair pill to date that addresses greying due to build-up of hydrogen peroxide at the base of the hair follicle. Once this storage of hydrogen peroxide is removed, there is no need for the high-level of dosage that a daily serving of Grey Defence®Xtreme 2.0 delivers. However, to prevent future storage of hydrogen peroxide we recommend a low-dose regime involving the taking of only two capsule per week. For instance you can take one capsule on Sunday morning and the other on Wednesday, alternatively you can take 1 capsule on Monday and the other on Thursday. The key is to space them out such that there is at least a couple days in between their taking.

Once again congratulations on your achievement and we are proud to have you as customers, I hope the above maintenance program works for those of you who wish to continue using Grey Defence® to banish the grey for good.

IMPORTANT: There are millions of folks just like you suffering with premature greying who are looking for information to assist them to figure it all out. You were fortunate enough to find our website and our information. If this information was useful to you, please help others to find it also by sharing this page. You can do so simply by clicking on one of the social share buttons at the end of this post thereby liking or +1 this page.


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Frederica Hegney is Editor of the Grey Defence blog. Where she focuses on topic around greying and its causes.
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Grey Defence® is the ONLY grey hair reversal dietary supplement to be certified by NSF. NSF is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that has been certifying consumer and medical products for safety and efficacy since 1944. For more details. Click Here for Details

Vegetarian Capsules<br>Grey Defence® uses 100% vegetarian capsule. Grey Defence® does not contain any animal byproducts.

Vegetarian Capsules

Grey Defence® uses 100% vegetarian capsule. Grey Defence® does not contain any animal byproducts.

Health Canada

Grey Defence® is the ONLY grey hair pill approved by Health Canada. Click Here for Details