Grey Defence® Loyalty Rewards: Forget The Coupons!

no-couponCoorga Nutraceutical Corporation is please to announce our first Loyalty Program designed to reward customers who have successfully completed their 6 month trial period and are well on their way to experiencing impressive grey hair reversals. Others offer gimmicky grey hair pill coupons to move merchandise in the short-term, but we believe in building long-term relationships with our customers. So we offer this rewards program.

Starting March 1, 2013 customers with accumulated purchases exceeding $300 will automatically receive a discount on all future orders. Discounts starts at 25% and move up based on historical purchase. Increase discount amounts are earned at $600 and at $1,000 in historical purchases.

To date several hundred customers are immediately qualified for these discounts and we hope to see many more getting qualified in the coming months. To ensure they do not dilute their accumulated purchases, customers should avoid creating multiple accounts, contact us if you need to reset your password. Also customers should keep in mind that accounts uniqueness are based on email address, so creating an account with two different emails means there will be two different accounts.

About COORGA Nutraceuticals Corporation
COORGA Nutraceuticals is a company focused on developing products for the anti grey hair market. The company also operates the Grey Hair blog; a resource for those looking for information on what causes grey hair.

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Grey Defence® is the ONLY grey hair reversal dietary supplement to be certified by NSF. NSF is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that has been certifying consumer and medical products for safety and efficacy since 1944. For more details. Click Here for Details

Vegetarian Capsules<br>Grey Defence® uses 100% vegetarian capsule. Grey Defence® does not contain any animal byproducts.

Vegetarian Capsules

Grey Defence® uses 100% vegetarian capsule. Grey Defence® does not contain any animal byproducts.

Health Canada

Grey Defence® is the ONLY grey hair pill approved by Health Canada. Click Here for Details