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The hair coloring market worldwide exceeds $5 billion USD with the bulk of that sale in the grey coverage segment. Grey Defence® represents a more convenient solution than dyes in the battle of the grey. It involves a once daily dietary supplementation that breaks down hydrogen peroxide in the hair bulb, reversing the normal greying process (note: Grey Defence® does not reverse genetic hair greying).

Grey Defence® is available for in-licensing in more than 50 countries worldwide. This opportunity is offered on a first come basis for qualified candidates. This means the first qualified candidate that submits an in-license agreement with the accompanying purchase order and payment, will be awarded the license to distribute within the assigned territory

Ideal partners will have strong, established distribution capabilities including warehousing and sales channels into local pharmacies, supermarkets, mass merchandisers and health food stores. Potential partners must already have completed any pre-market analysis and be satisfied that there is a real demand for Grey Defence® in their market(s) of interests.

Local regulatory requirements including but not limited to product registration and label language conversion will be the responsibility of the in-licensing partner.

Be advised, we do not license our formula. This opportunity is for licensed distribution of finished product under exclusive long-term arrangements. Further, this opportunity is for physical bricks & mortar in-store product distribution only. Electronic sales either online, on the telephone, via catalogs including any similar or supporting electronic marketing activities are strictly forbidden and are not part of any approved in-licensing opportunity.

Below are the list of key countries and the availability of in-licensing opportunities. If you are interested in any of the available countries listed and meet the required candidate profile, please contact us via the email listed below. If the country you are interested in is not listed it means we are not actively seeking partnerships there. However, if you still wish to investigate a relationship in said unlisted country and you have the capabilities discussed above, then by all means do contact us with your proposal.

When contacting us please provide a complete company dossier outlining key capabilities, current revenue turnover from in-licensed products, existing distribution channel partnerships, prior in-licensing experience and number of staff employed in direct sales. Preference will be given to companies with established nutraceuticals distribution expertise as well as those having a professional looking English website.

   Country  Population  Out-licence  Regulatory Status  Initial & Yearly Purchase Requirement (cases*) 
 1  Algeria  34,994,936  Available  Unregistered  20
 2  Argentina  41,769,728  Available  Unregistered 24
 3  Australia  21,766,712  Available  Unregistered 15
 4  Austria  8,217,280  Available  Unregistered 6
 5  Belarus  9,577,552  Available  Unregistered 7
 6  Belgium  10,431,477  Available  Unregistered 7
 7  Bosnia Herzegovina    4,622,163  Available  Unregistered 5
 8  Brazil  203,429,776  Available  Unregistered 50
 9  Bulgaria  7,093,635  Available  Unregistered 6
 10  Canada  34,030,588  Unavailable    Unavailable N/A
 11  China  1,336,717,952  Available  Unregistered 200
 12  Colombia  44,725,544  Available  Unregistered 24
 13  Croatia  4,483,804  Available  Unregistered 5
 14  Czech Republic  10,190,213  Available  Unregistered 7
 15  Denmark  5,529,888  Available  Unregistered 5
 16  Finland  5,259,250  Available  Unregistered 5
 17  France  65,312,248  Available  Unregistered 30
 18  Georgia  4,585,874  Available  Unregistered 5
 19  Germany  81,471,832  Available  Unregistered 30
 20  Greece  10,760,136  Available  Unregistered 7
 21  Hong Kong  7,122,508  Available  Unregistered 6
 22  Hungary  9,976,062  Available  Unregistered 7
 23  India  1,189,172,864  Available  Unregistered 200
 24  Indonesia  245,613,040  Available  Unregistered 50
 25  Ireland  4,670,976  Available  Unregistered 5
 26  Israel  7,473,052  Available  Unregistered 6
 27  Italy  61,016,804  Available  Unregistered 30
 28  Japan  126,475,664  Available  Unregistered 50
 29  Kazakhstan  15,522,373  Available  Unregistered 10
 30  Korea, South  48,754,656  Available  Unregistered 24
 31  Kuwait  2,595,628  Available  Unregistered 5
 32  Lithuania  3,535,547  Available  Unregistered 5
 33  Mexico  113,724,224  Available  Unregistered 40
 34  Morocco  31,968,360  Available  Unregistered 20
 35  Netherlands  16,847,008  Available  Unregistered 10
 36  New Zealand  4,290,347  Available  Unregistered 5
 37  Norway  4,691,849  Available  Unregistered 5
 38  Poland  38,441,588  Available  Unregistered 20
 39  Portugal  10,760,305  Available  Unregistered 7
 40  Romania  21,904,552  Available  Unregistered 15
 41  Russia  138,739,888  Available  Unregistered 50
 42  Saudi Arabia  26,131,704  Available  Unregistered 15
 43  Slovakia  5,477,038  Available  Unregistered 5
 44  South Africa  49,004,032  Available  Unregistered 24
 45  Spain  46,754,784  Available  Unregistered 24
 46  Sweden  9,088,728  Available  Unregistered 7
 47  Switzerland  7,639,961  Available  Unregistered 6
 48  Tunisia  10,629,186  Available  Unregistered 7
 49  Turkey  78,785,552  Available  Unregistered 30
 50  Ukraine  45,134,708  Available  Unregistered 24
 51  United Arab Emirates   5,148,664  Available  Unregistered 5
 52  United Kingdom  62,698,360  Available  Unregistered 30
54    United States  313,232,032  Unavailable  Unavailable N/A
*Each case contains 60 bottles 


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Grey Defence® is the ONLY grey hair reversal dietary supplement to be certified by NSF. NSF is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that has been certifying consumer and medical products for safety and efficacy since 1944. For more details. Click Here for Details

Vegetarian Capsules<br>Grey Defence® uses 100% vegetarian capsule. Grey Defence® does not contain any animal byproducts.

Vegetarian Capsules

Grey Defence® uses 100% vegetarian capsule. Grey Defence® does not contain any animal byproducts.

Health Canada

Grey Defence® is the ONLY grey hair pill approved by Health Canada. Click Here for Details